C) From the CA President 2/7/18

webscotty 63x71Communication is a two way street! It is impossible to force feed people information, they must do their part. To find out what is going on with the Council or the Association please visit the Council website regularly and read the emails you receive from the Grand Knight.


Just a few facts about our hall:
1) In case you haven't noticed Bingo sessions are an important social even for over 100 people;
2) Around 40 Scouts and leaders meet here for free nearly 100 times per year in this building;
3) A Veteran's Group also meets here monthly;
4) The Council, officers and family members meet in the Chamber or hall 36 times per year and;
5) The St. Francis Assembly meets here each month;
6) More than 6 charities (CareNet, GNA, Just Kids, Cowboy Poets, ACA, PRAISE, NWTF) conduct their fundraisers here;
7) Organizations like Chambers of Commerce, Rotary, Kiwanis have met here;
8) Private business occasionally hold training and job fairs here;
9) Private parties have their social events, wedding receptions, Christmas parties, Quinceaneras here;
10) The Council holds its Lenten Fish Fry dinner fundraisers here;
11) A church study group meets here;
12) A Men's retreat is planned here for March; and,
13) A K of C State organizational meeting is scheduled here in December.
For liability reasons, the National Headquarters of the Knights of Columbus required that Councils with Halls sign Home Corporation Agreements. The result of which was the appearance that "K of C Halls" are counter to the mission of the Knights of Columbus and our Church. And, I believe it was even worse, that some of us seem to have bought into that concept and agree that our hall is not something that members, our parish or our fellow parishioners regard as a ministry. Brothers, our Worthy Chaplain has attested, many times, to his belief that the Knights and this building are very important ministries that support our priests and our church.
As of now, I am asking you, our parish and our fellow parishioners to recognize the Columbian Association and its building as a real lay ministry of our parish and that all of us contribute to its ongoing mission by volunteering to:
1) Help run bingo sessions, as a member or auxiliary member, to raise funds to operate and maintain the Columbian Hall;
2) Help staff the ACA for which the Council picks up the tab;
3) Help staff the Lenten Fish Dinners which contribute 3 to 4 thousand dollars annually to Council's charitable programs;
4) Help your Association officer as they volunteer to manage, supervise, operate and maintain the hall.

Vivat Jesus,


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