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I received the following message in an e-mail from our Worthy Financial Secretary and found it to be a very fitting and good message, so I am sharing it with all of you this month.


Live the values set forth by Knights of Columbus founder, Father Michael J. McGivney.
"The Knights of Columbus, and especially you as leaders of the knights of Columbus, need to be an example to a country that is divided by hatred", Supreme Knight Anderson said. "We have a civil responsibility to demonstrate the strength of character and principles that bind us together and that can bring the country together."

At that time, Lincoln's second inaugural address – which had been unpopular when first delivered – became a plan by which to unify the country after the devastating Civil War. Father McGivney took brotherhood, charity and unity as the principles that would hold the newly formed Knights of Columbus together. In a similar way, nearly a hundred years later, Dr. Martin Luther King, in his many writings on nonviolence, would look to the fraternal brotherhood of those who answered that call to hold them together in times of adversity, the Supreme Knight said.
"There is no one to take our place – to take your place – in support of the Church, in support of our priests, in support of a culture of life, in support of our parishes and communities. If you're not doing it, than who will take your place? The Church needs you. Your community needs you. Your fellow Catholics need you, and Your country needs you."
"There are many spiritual challenges in today's society and on college campuses and what will sustain you through these challenges is your Catholic character and determination," he added.
"What we really also need to do is to help in the Christian formation of our brother Knights, and other Catholic men by promoting initiatives like our "Into the Breach" program" the Supreme Knight said.
Bryant R. Swayers, PSD
Arizona District Master
U.S. Army (RET)