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fr-greg 133 w borderBrother Knights –
As many of you know, I have been part of an ongoing conversation with County and City officials about the neighborhood around St. Andrew's Parish campus, and Fry Townsite.
I have been meeting with the West End Commission and the Parks and Leisure Commission of Sierra Vista around the quality of life and the sustaining of safe neighborhoods.
One of the concepts that has been key in my thinking is that of "social capital". According to this concept, neighborhoods must maintain a certain "social capital", that is educational, recreational, religious and community assets to be "healthy". Just as a certain level of financial capital is necessary for a community to develop, "social capital" is also vital.
If the "social capital" of a neighborhood diminishes, the health and the very survival of that neighborhood are at risk.
In working with the Commissions, I have asked that the City of Sierra Vista and Cochise County invest more in the infrastructure of the West End, particularly in promoting "corridors of safety and light" – specifically North Canyon Drive between Fry Blvd and Len Roberts Park (next to Carmichael School) and Theater Drive between 7th Street and Len Roberts Park. This would address the safety issues for the school children who must use those two roads, presently without sidewalks, curbs or adequate street lighting, and, create "positive traffic flow" of motorists, bicyclists, and walkers through the neighborhood. This "positive traffic flow" becomes a kind of "neighborhood watch" and, particularly with increased lighting, decreases crime.
I have also asked the Parks and Leisure Commission to look at bicycle lanes running from the bicycle path on the bypass all the way down Taylor to Garden Canyon – again, with the idea of creating "positive traffic flow" – and connecting the soccer fields between Taylor and North to Soldier Creek Park (on Taylor) as a "recreation corridor!
There are plans for the further development of the City-owned property on North Avenue, between Kayetan and the soccer fields, as a park.
All of this is to say that our Knights of Columbus Hall is a very, very important component in the healthy "social capital" of the West End neighborhood. The Hall draws a "positive traffic flow" through this neighborhood and supports important "social capital" in terms of the support which the Hall provides to many, many community organizations and non-profits.
Until I began working with others in looking at the "social capital" assets of the West End, I had not realized how important the Knights of Columbus Hall is to the health of this part of Sierra Vista and the neighborhood of the parish church!
Please consider this when you are asked to serve at a banquet for a local charity or a wedding reception – you are not only helping to sustain the ministry of the Hall, you are adding immeasurable value to the "social capital" to the whole West End of Sierra Vista!
Vivat JESUS!
fr. greg