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fr-greg 133 w borderDear Brother Knights –
As we begin this new year of grace, I would encourage us, as Knights and as a Council, to 'turn over a new leaf' – committing ourselves anew to personal and communal growth in FRATERNITY: by contacting Brother Knights who have been missing from Council Meetings and other activities, and encouraging their return and full participation; UNITY: by strongly supporting our Officers, our Council projects, and by affirming the good actions of our Brother Knights, whenever we one of them exercising Christian virtue; CHARITY: by working to build better relationships between brothers, and keeping the "big picture" in mind, when we are asked to serve in any capacity; and PATRIOTISM: by standing strong with our fellow Catholics, by publicly and actively working to protect the Unborn and Family Life!
Each new year – like every new day – can be seen as a gift from our loving God! We can begin anew each day, because of God's goodness and the encouragement that we receive from the Holy Spirit!
I may seem to be a bit self-serving in urging this, because I believe that the "spiritual health" of each Brother Knight directly impacts the "spiritual health" of our Council, and, the "spiritual health" of our Council directly impacts the "spiritual health" of our Parish!
I am firmly convinced that, if each Brother Knight in our Council would make an interior commitment to grow spiritually in this new year – as a Knight and as a Catholic, our Parish will be transformed!
"Rise up, O Men of God! The Church for you does wait; her strength unequal to her task, rise up and make her great!"
Vivat JESUS!
fr. Greg, Chaplain