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fr-greg 133 w borderBrother Knights -

Our Brother Knight, Father Silas Bogati, returned to Nepal on Tuesday, 3 January. His visit was very short – one week – but he was able to ‘connect’ with so many of our parishioners at the Masses this past week! He considers St. Andrew’s his ‘American home’!


This was really supposed to be a ‘vacation’ for Fr. Silas, who, in addition to his considerable duties as Vicar General of the Vicariate Apostolic (Missionary Diocese) of Nepal, Diocesan Treasurer, Diocesan Vocations Director, and Rector of the Cathedral in Kathmandu, has headed up the Earthquake Relief Project for Caritas-Nepal (‘Caritas’ is the Papal World Relief Agency, which corresponds to our U.S. Catholic Relief Services!)

Fr. Silas is directing a staff of 230 persons for Caritas-Nepal, and is preparing to build 5,000 new homes in four districts affected by the 25 April 2015 earthquake.

This massive relief project is comprehensive and “owner-driven”. The basic 3-room house, constructed of stone, and inter-locking wood (an added protection against collapse in an earthquake), costs $3000 U.S. dollars. Owners can “add” their own resources and add to the basic construction. Each house will have an (outdoor) toilet, which is a ‘modern’ convenience in Nepal! AND a safe water supply. In addition, the relief project includes ‘livelihood assistance’ in the form of chickens, sheep or goats, and crop seeds! The ‘target’ is to construct these 5,000 homes in 2017!

Compounding the problems of rubble-clearing and new construction, according to Fr. Silas, is the obstructionist attitude of the right-wing Hindu Government, which fears that these Christian relief projects will win the affection (and interest) of the people of Nepal!

Fr. Silas told us, in his homilies, that this same anti-Christian stance on the part of the Government is the reason for the refusal to issue the necessary building permits for our   St. Andrew’s Chapel (and the Sisters’ School) in Tulachan!

As we have already raised the necessary funds for the construction of the Chapel, now we have to pray for a change in the attitude of the Government officials, and the granting of the building permits, for the School and for our St. Andrew’s Chapel!

A man of great faith and energy, Fr. Silas, is confident that our prayers will be answered, and has invited all who wish to come to Nepal, to join him for the Dedication of St. Andrew’s Chapel when (not ‘if’) it occurs!

Brother Knight Fr. Silas, again expressed his great appreciation to his Brother Knights of Council #4584 for the new motorcycle that you purchased for him two years ago! Please continue to pray for him and his ministry!!!

Vivat JESUS!

Fr. Greg