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fr-greg 133 w borderBrother Knights --
Our Council, our Columbian Association, and the Parish are "major stake-holders" on the West End of Sierra Vista! Because of the presence of the parish church and our Hall, the 'decline' of the West End our our Community has been reversed! We continue to work together to improve the neighborhood and to bring "positive traffic flow" into the West End. At the present time, the Parish is working on a major "make-over" of the area in front of the Parish Center (facing Taylor), with the removal of the diseased mulberry trees and their replacement with 6 raised 'tree wells', which will feature bench seating and mesquite trees, accented with 'twinkle lighting'. The Parish is partnering with the Columbian Association for the removal of the large oleander bushes that have overgrown the sidewalks on Kayetan Avenue, as well as shrubs/mesquite and 'desert broom' on the Kayetan and Taylor Avenue corner, and the old Forgach Property. (We will need to schedule a Parish/Council work day, when the weather cools a bit, to address the old Forgach lot and make it more open and park-like - more on that later!) The Columbian Association leadership is looking at improving the landscaping around our Hall parking lot, and the Parish will be donating beautiful concrete benches for placement near the sidewalks on our whole 'block'!

This kind of investment in the neighborhood has all kinds of benefits -- it encourages other homeowners to keep their property clean, it increases bicycle and foot traffic through the neighborhood - directly lessening crime and making the area safer, and, it enhances property values and encourages investment!
In a sense, this is a "Mission Project" for the Parish and Knights in partnership. When we, as Catholics, improve the quality of life for a whole area, it is "Good News" and we are evangelizing by example!
Our Parish Maintenance Staff spends a lot of time and energy in keeping the area around the parish church and the larger neighborhood clean and trimmed. For example, the Crew (of 3) makes certain that the school crossings around Carmichael School are kept weed-free and clear for the children (and neighbors) using the crossings. They also try to keep North Avenue - from Fry Boulevard down to our Hall - clean and weed-free! With the heavy monsoon this year, they have really been working hard! IF any Brother Knight would like to help out in this neighborhood project - please give Mike Morales, the Lead for Maintenance at St. Andrew's, a call (227-4710).
Mother Teresa used to say that we should try always "to do something beautiful for God" -- as Knights and parishioners, this can be done by volunteering your time and energy in this "Mission Project" for our neighborhood!
Vivat JESUS!
fr. greg



fr-greg 133 w borderDear Brother Knights –
As we begin this new year of grace, I would encourage us, as Knights and as a Council, to 'turn over a new leaf' – committing ourselves anew to personal and communal growth in FRATERNITY: by contacting Brother Knights who have been missing from Council Meetings and other activities, and encouraging their return and full participation; UNITY: by strongly supporting our Officers, our Council projects, and by affirming the good actions of our Brother Knights, whenever we one of them exercising Christian virtue; CHARITY: by working to build better relationships between brothers, and keeping the "big picture" in mind, when we are asked to serve in any capacity; and PATRIOTISM: by standing strong with our fellow Catholics, by publicly and actively working to protect the Unborn and Family Life!
Each new year – like every new day – can be seen as a gift from our loving God! We can begin anew each day, because of God's goodness and the encouragement that we receive from the Holy Spirit!
I may seem to be a bit self-serving in urging this, because I believe that the "spiritual health" of each Brother Knight directly impacts the "spiritual health" of our Council, and, the "spiritual health" of our Council directly impacts the "spiritual health" of our Parish!
I am firmly convinced that, if each Brother Knight in our Council would make an interior commitment to grow spiritually in this new year – as a Knight and as a Catholic, our Parish will be transformed!
"Rise up, O Men of God! The Church for you does wait; her strength unequal to her task, rise up and make her great!"
Vivat JESUS!
fr. Greg, Chaplain