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web-JefferyHerber 91x81Brother Knights All,

Instead of north, south, east and west, our compass points are Charity, Unity, Fraternity, and Patriotism. Our faithful needle always points to charity. As charity is the greatest of the virtues, so it is the basic principle of our Order. If a man does not have charity as the fundamental motivation of his relationship with his fellow men, he will never be at home in the Knights of Columbus.


Unity is the second principle of this fraternity. We are united, as the Scripture tells us, in one Lord, one Faith, and one baptism. Here, in the Knights of Columbus, we are also one in heart and one in purpose, continually dedicating ourselves to God, Country and the service of our fellow men.

These words should be familiar to all Knights. As Grand Knight, I remind all in this council that everything we do is tied to charity, and through unity we will accomplish our goals.

Good Neighbour Alliance, Care Net, the Bishop's Appeal, the St. Vincent De Paul food bank and thrift store are charitable activities you recognize, but there is another charitable activity your council is involved with which does not receive the attention from you it deserves. Helping others help our community is indeed a charitable action and is accomplished by providing a facility for these charitable goals.

Providing a facility for organizations to raise funds aids others in our community. The Bishop's Appeal Dinner is an annual parish tradition which is part of a diocese wide effort helping all in need. Similar organizations help and support families, children, the elderly, and disenfranchised in our community. Providing a meeting place for organizations like the Boy Scouts and American Heritage Girls, gives them an opportunity to learn and grow into capable, respectable adults. With guidance, they will grow our community into a safe, productive and faith rich place to live.

Brothers, when you joined the Knights of Columbus you also joined the Columbian Association. Our association owns the property and is managed by brother Knights. It is an Arizona non-profit corporation governed by its own constitution and by-laws. The Board of Directors are also brother Knights like yourself who advise and support the Columbian Association President. Our Deputy Grand Knight is the current Columbian Association president. The Columbian Association is our facility providing charity to our parish and community. Without this meeting place, our community would be greatly diminished. This building is more than just a place for the Council and Assembly to meet. It is a heartbeat in our Parish and community. It is a heartbeat in your lives because you live here and are a brother in this council.

This charitable activity needs YOU! The Columbian Association cannot provide the needed services to our parish and community without the Knights! There are many threats to it, the obvious one is financial because this is the topic that gets most of the attention, but I want to raise another threat to the Columbian Association. That threat is you, the apathy of Brothers in Bishop Salpointe Council # 4584. Our association needs you to step up and volunteer to operate and run this charitable activity which is a necessary part of our parish and community.

The future of our hall depends on you. Your involvement with this charitable activity is just like any other, and if you don't give a portion of your valuable time to volunteer your skills, the result will harm our parish, council and community. Apathy will tear at the fabric of all the volunteer efforts those before you have contributed. Without your energy to serve on the Board of Directors, to volunteer your time as an officer be it as President, Treasurer, or Secretary this facility will cease to exist. Without you to volunteer to work Bingo to pay for the monthly bills, operations, and maintenance, this building will be forced to close its doors to the community it serves.

When you joined your council you began voting as to whether you thought this was a worthy charitable ministry or not. You may not realize that you are voting because you are not given a formal ballot to cast your vote with, but through your actions you are voting. What you do, or don't do, is a vote whether you want this hall to continue as part of your parish and community or not. Your parish and your community need you. Don't look to your left or right hoping that guy will step up and do the hard work. Instead look in the mirror and remind yourself of those words this speech began with, the words spoken to you when you went through your Admission Degree.

The current board is working very hard putting in many hours of time to not only run the association, but also bring it into a sustainable future for all to enjoy for many years to come. We, the board, are working to identify a strong charity driven direction to take the future of this hall into. The board is also involved in rewriting the Columbian Association Constitution and By-Laws, to bring it up to date and modernize it. When you decide to step up and take the action your community needs you to do, you will be handed an organization that has a bold, charity driven direction with modern By-Laws to help you sustain this worthy and needed charity and ministry.

This hall has provided for this community and parish since the 1960's when it was established. Through all these many years there have been many of your Brothers who have blessed their parish and community with their commitment to keeping this hall open and available to serve the charities and organizations that have helped build the community you live in today. This blessing of time and commitment continues today with the current board members, but their time of service is rapidly coming to an end and the need of you, Brother, to step up and replace them is quickly coming into view, with the elections in December.

You can do this, the proof is in the past with the example your Brothers have set for you to follow. You can do this because the unity of the Knights of Columbus requires all your Brothers to work together to help you help others. You can do this so reach out, step up, and be a part of the future your parish and community will need.

Vivat Jesus,

Grand Knight
Jeff Herber